How Free News Earns Even When Prospects Say No

How free news earns even when prospects say no to offers is an equal opportunity factor that favours both business owners and consumers. Google search engine enquiries for no searches stand at about 23,000,000,000 results. Search result enquiries for yes stand at only about 2,610,000,000.

Imbalance between no or yes reports are billion miles apart, nerve wrecking to say the least. It will be fair judgement to say ratio of 8.8 (8.812260536398467) to 1 is to be considered outrageous. When for every one person that says yes for one reason or another, about nine persons will say no, disgraceful will therefore be devaluing the gravity of disparity.

It is worthy to note that about 50% of small businesses fail in their first four years; 76% of small business owners report facing marketing challenges. Growth of online marketing has increased the complexity small business owners have to face when marketing their companies; Capterra Finance source. Neil Patel Forbes contributor said, eventually 90% of all start-ups fail.

This statistics indicates why very few achieve success where many more have failed. No wonder business owners’ failure rate is contemptible. How free news earns even when prospects say no to offers is here to say it does not have to be so. The question that is begging for answer is how can we turn the dial in our favour every time prospects say no to our offers?

Achieve More With Less


Business owners or consumers can’t achieve satisfaction with a deplorable statistics between no, and yes reports. In the same token, do not believe only that which can be seen, measured and calculated. Believing only that which can be seem, measured and calculated is spiritual emptiness; it will always create conditional conflict.

How free news earns even when prospects say no to offers is the perfect gift for every occasion. It is also at a perfect price that fits every income group, with a profit share that goes to both buyers and sellers. How free news business model only focus on providing business owners consumer loyalty and provide consumers consistent incremental income and steadfast satisfaction.

The underlining principle of how free news earns even when prospects say no states, products or services you can’t buy for personal consumption; should not be sold to another for any reason whatsoever. In other words, use experiential direct grass-root marketing to grow your home-based business, and boost your bottom line. People come first; focus on gaining direct access to the people through relationship comment marketing, the profits will come.

Achieve More With Less

What it Takes

In the next 29 weeks, make how free news earns even when prospects say no your prime priority and you will never again lack. You will gain direct unrestricted access to a loyal consumer interest group of over half billion like-minded. One cent donation from 536,870,912 for any cause dear to your heart amount to 5.4 million; to be exact it is 5,368,709.12. Manage 1,368,709.12 for your personal affairs for one full year. Invest four million using How Free News Asset Management Training and Funding Plus.

Registration and downloading instructional manual are free. Create a free profile on ten different social media platforms. On every of the ten platforms, post free offers to ten groups or offer ten individuals free gift on birthdays, when members request to be friends, or when your friendship request is accepted. Click here for premium offers to giveaway if required. Download and offer farm asset management manual freely to your daily contacts.

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Written by Anthony Steven

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